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Haiti boat building project

Education and skills provide a brighter future.

 Haiti is no longer prominent in the news but the effect of the 2010 earthquake are still being felt by the homeless and hopeless kids on the streets today. With 60% unemployment and half the population living well below the poverty line, the future may seem already written for them but with the support of the Haiti boat building Project and in partnership with Haiti Ocean Project a better future can start to become reality. The goal of the Haiti Boat Building Project is to provide care and accommodation for homeless kids and teach them the skills of carpentry and boat building which will enable them to grow in confidence and provide themselves with an income and a future. The project is in its infancy and is located at the Marine Centre in Petite Riviere de Nippes which is the base of Haiti Ocean Project.

To be given the opportunity to learn is something most of us are provided with but sadly not everyone gets that choice.

Through offering learning in the fields of carpentry and boat building to English language and computer literacy a whole world of opportunity and job prospects open up to kids who simply wouldn't get that chance.  It can be the difference between a life in poverty on the streets and a life of hope and security.