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Haiti boat building project

Support Team


Founder OF HBBP


from  Haiti had seen the plight of the kids in Haiti with no future who were sleeping on the streets , having worked in a Port au prince Orphanage for two years and then working in a boat building shop in the Dominican Republic he saw the opportunity to return home and create a project that would change the lives and future of homeless kids by teaching a trade and skills that will support them throughout their lives.


Diving safety adviser living Inverness  Scotland (UK)

Working to raise awareness of the project ,provide logistic support, source funding , materials and answer your enquires.

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from Haiti.  Entrepreneur  living in Atlanta, Ga USA . her dream was always to serve her country and help children, when she heard about haiti boat building project. She found it wonderful and wanted to be part of it to help providing materials for the project to grow and funds to help children of haiti.

Matthew Mcgregor-Mentor

Matt is from New York City USA

Designer and adviser

He has been working to support the project from its early days and continues to provide logistic support ,fund raising, materials and promoting awareness of the project.


From Florida, USA, Jamie is the founder of "HAITI OCEAN PROJECT" and has been continually supporting and providing resources and space at the marine centre in Haiti to allow the seed of the boat building project to grow.